Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Ideal Proposal Spot

You’ve sweated over which ring to buy for God knows how long, but now it’s time to get down to business and propose. Along with the how, the most important part of the process is the where. We’ll tell you what to avoid, and what to embrace.

The C Word…

Clich?. That’s the last thing you want your proposal to be remembered as. Sure, the old standbys are old standbys for a reason, but you can do better than that. For example, if you live in New York, don’t even think about Times Square. Planning a trip to Paris? Image search ‘clich? proposal spots’ and see how long it takes you to find the Eiffel Tower. If its one of the first places a tourist would think of going, it’s the last place you want to go. Choosing one of these locations isn’t going to make your proposal any less memorable or even romantic, but it lacks the personal touch that the ideal proposal spot has. The exception to this rule is if these clich? spots have some sort of special significance to you and your fiance.

It’s A Proposal, Not A Stage Show

A lot of guys think that the more grandiose and huge a proposal is, the better. Jumbotrons, flash mobs, and really any situation with a giant audience is a poor idea. The problem is the audience itself. Why would you take what is supposed to be one of the ultimate displays of intimacy between two people and make it a spectacle? Sure, the ‘wow factor’ of the whole thing, and the time and effort that went into making it is great, but this isn’t a showcase of your ability to coordinate a large scale plan or to show how deep your pockets are.

A proposal is about you two, not you two and 300 bystanders. In fact, a survey by David’s Bridal found out that most women agree. 63 percent of those surveyed said they wouldn’t want a jumbotron proposal, and 57 percent said they weren’t fans of flash mob proposals. This isn’t to say proposing publicly is out of the question, but use some discretion. Not to mention a ‘no’ is a whole lot more disastrous in front of a group of spectators.

Go Big…or Stay Home

Proposing in one of your homes, or your shared home, allows for a lot of room for creativity. It also allows for it to be completely mundane. Here’s an idea we read online that is a perfect example of what NOT to do: Place the ring in an egg carton, so that your soon to be fianc?e finds it when they go to make breakfast. Minus the fact that, y’know, she might not want eggs on that morning, it is important to realize there is more to a proposal than a surprise. If you are looking to craft something more unique and elaborate your home can be the perfect spot, but if you don’t think you can compensate for the commonness of the location, opt for somewhere a bit fresher. It takes a truly creative spin on things to make the most out of the place you two know the best.

Screw Staying Home, Get Out There!

Not feeling confident in your ability to create a convincing home proposal? One of the simplest ways to find a great spot to propose is by finding a fresh vacation spot. There is a whole world to choose from, so don’t just settle for the standard choices. Choosing a novel location provides a one of a kind experience. You can go to the Bahamas like everyone else, or you can rent your own island in Fiji. Ever considered a luxury treehouse? Treehouse Point in Washington has you covered.

They Are Classics For A Reason

Maybe a vacation is a bit out of your budget, especially after what you shelled out for that ring (speaking of which, don’t throw down on a ring before finding out how much you should really spend) [link this to the 3 months article]. So, consider something timeless. There is a big difference between clich? and classic. Classics are timeless, clich?s already had their time. The location of your first date is classic, a Venice Gondola Ride is clich?.

Now, Get It Done

If you think you have the creativity or the romantic knowhow, you can save yourself some cash and go for a home proposal. Otherwise finding a location that is in itself unique and romantic is the straightforward path to a successful proposal. That isn’t to say you should just pick a spot and forget about the details. There is always going to be planning involved. You have to find the exact spot and the right time. Scout out the location to the best of your ability beforehand. Keep it novel, keep it intimate, and for God’s sake keep it classy (please no Facebook or Instagram proposals). The rest is up to you.