Become A Master At Diamond Selection

Now that you’ve read our guide to buying an engagement ring, you are probably feeling like an expert on diamonds. However, if you aren’t fully convinced that there is room to cut costs on your investment of a ring, this in-depth article on diamond clarity by The Diamond Pro will definitely change your mind. This is what they have to say about the idea of a diamond as a “good investment”:


“Diamonds are a retail product just like any other.? The product goes through various stages of production and distribution (mining, polishing, distribution, retail, and finally customer). ?As the diamond changes hands, each participant takes their cut.? By the time the finished product ends up in the customers? hands, the price is sufficiently inflated that you could never sell it without losing money. ?If cars lose 15% when they leave the lot, then figure most diamonds probably lose at least 30-40% when they leave the store.”