My Engagement Story: On The Banks of Plum Creek

Its t-minus two days right now. ?I started writing this article before the big day, but you won’t be reading it until after. ?You’ll see it switch from future to past tense, but you’ll figure it all out. I wont get too far along into the story of “us”, but instead tell you the story […]

Tell us your story

This is your chance to share your story with the world. Let everyone know how it went down. How excited was she? How complicated was it to plan? Head over to our form and submit your own engagement story. School the newbie grooms-to-be in the art of engagement.

Become A Master At Diamond Selection

Now that you’ve read our guide to buying an engagement ring, you are probably feeling like an expert on diamonds. However, if you aren’t fully convinced that there is room to cut costs on your investment of a ring, this in-depth article on diamond clarity by The Diamond Pro will definitely change your mind. This […]

These Celebrities Will Teach You How NOT To Propose

A great proposal has always been about execution not money, so don’t think the hundreds of thousands of dollars these celebrities spent on their proposals saved them from committing huge faux pas. Next time you are comparing your proposal to the heinously elaborate ones of the rich and famous, try to learn from what they […]

Budget Wedding Tips: Humor

“Start thinking early about where to trim costs. Gradually fall out of touch with family and friends for a decade prior to the ceremony.” Leave it to The Onion to do a perfect job of pointing out just how ridiculous wedding expenses can get. While their tongue might be planted firmly in cheek, take heed […]

What If Your Wedding Could Make You Money?

Trying to figure out how much to spend on your wedding? Slate has a handy calculator that shows just how much money you would make if you invested the cost of your wedding into the S&P 500. Chances are both you and your fianc?e will reconsider those lavish centerpieces when you see the payoff you […]

Plan That Wedding! (Yes We Mean You)

This article (A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning) from the Bitchless Bride is a callout to every groom trying to scant their wedding planning responsibilities. Even if you two agreed to keep you out of it, she still offers some great advice:   “If you’re choosing to be all out, then be all out. But, […]

Worried Your Best Man’s Toast Will Be A Disaster?

Chances are you didn’t choose your best man because you thought they’d make a killer toast. Obviously they are a trustworthy friend (…right?), but what if you can’t count on them to write their way out of kindergarten? Don’t sweat it. Forward your best man this comprehensive guide from How to Write Better on writing […]

The Big Moment Is Here…So, How Do You Say It?

You’ve shelled out the money for ring (but hopefully not too much), you’ve chosen the spot, and you have your foolproof plan down pat. Only one more thing left: To figure out what to say, and, well, say it. For those of you who don’t fancy yourself a man of words, this can be difficult. […]

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Ideal Proposal Spot

You’ve sweated over which ring to buy for God knows how long, but now it’s time to get down to business and propose. Along with the how, the most important part of the process is the where. We’ll tell you what to avoid, and what to embrace. The C Word… Clich?. That’s the last thing […]