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Budget Wedding Tips: Humor

“Start thinking early about where to trim costs. Gradually fall out of touch with family and friends for a decade prior to the ceremony.” Leave it to The Onion to do a perfect job of pointing out just how ridiculous wedding expenses can get. While their tongue might be planted firmly in cheek, take heed […]

What If Your Wedding Could Make You Money?

Trying to figure out how much to spend on your wedding? Slate has a handy calculator that shows just how much money you would make if you invested the cost of your wedding into the S&P 500. Chances are both you and your fianc?e will reconsider those lavish centerpieces when you see the payoff you […]

Plan That Wedding! (Yes We Mean You)

This article (A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning) from the Bitchless Bride is a callout to every groom trying to scant their wedding planning responsibilities. Even if you two agreed to keep you out of it, she still offers some great advice:   “If you’re choosing to be all out, then be all out. But, […]

Three Months Salary, Really?

Three Months Salary? Really? Here’s The Real Cost of an Engagement Ring The sheer mention of spending three months salary on an engagement ring will send shivers down the spine of even the most resilient groom. For a man making $40,000 a year, that’s $10,000 for a ring. If you’re raking in six figures, are […]