Worried Your Best Man’s Toast Will Be A Disaster?

Chances are you didn’t choose your best man because you thought they’d make a killer toast. Obviously they are a trustworthy friend (…right?), but what if you can’t count on them to write their way out of kindergarten? Don’t sweat it. Forward your best man this comprehensive guide from How to Write Better on writing a speech for the occasion, and everyone involved can save themselves from massive embarrassment. Here’s just a tidbit of the practical advice writer Suzan St Maur offers:


“Often the best man will offer some humorous advice on how to have a successful marriage but some people feel this part of the traditional speech has become something of a clich?. My own feeling is that the main advice you should give is advice that?s serious and from the heart ? for example if you have been happily married for many years, share your own tips. You can add in a couple of jokey lines before that if you want to, but focus on the serious ? it?s valuable. “


Link: http://howtowritebetter.net/how-to-make-a-great-best-mans-wedding-speech/